Sounds of Shlur #5 – December 2013

December holds one of my favourite musical events of the year, New Years Eve. Every year, I make sure to compile as many speakers as I can get my hands on, haphazardly wire them up to my Sony A/V amp and blast electronic music from 9pm till 6am in whichever house I am residing at the time. This year was no exception, TV removed from lounge, 3 sets of speakers wired up, tested with Du Hast, 9pm comes, turn it up. This years playlist was an impressive 9 hours long taking us from funky electro to house to deep house to minimal to techno to minimal techno to industrial techno to ambient chill out. There are way too many electronic music genres. For Shlur I’ve picked just over an hours worth of bangers from the playlist to get you moving. You can listen using the Spotify player below or by clicking this magical link.