Sounds of Shlur #6 Jan. ’14

The New Year has only just begun and already we’ve got some great new songs blasting round Shlur HQ. We’ve got the first tracks released from what promise to be two awesome albums by Cloud Nothings and St. Vincent, and are still reeling from how damn enjoyable Joanna Gruesome were live enough to have ‘Sugarcrush’ pretty much on repeat. Luckily Stephen Malkmus and The Wave Pictures helped us to calm down with their kicked back jams, both live and on record.

There are also some new faves we discovered from last year’s “Best Of” lists, with particular mention going to Jon Hopkins latest album which in hindsight we can’t believe we missed. It is fantastic, and ‘Open Eye Signal’ definitely gets all the credit it deserves as a stunning track.

There’s a strong representation of punk tracks this month, helping us keep pumped up and forget the cold outside. The aforementioned Cloud Nothings and Joanna Gruesome aside, we’ve got the blistering shoegaze-infused fury of Eagulls, a welcome return to form from the Pixies and perhaps one of the bravest records made in years. Against Me!’s singer recently came out as transgender, and has preceded to write one of the most painfully honest records of this decade so far. “Talking Transgender Dysphoria Blues” is the opening track and is just phenomenal. Oh, the easily offended ought take note, there’s a few rude words.