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A Pair of Boots for the Beatnik Boy

A good boot is a thing of envy. Once the symbol of style and virility, it has been turned into an object of mockery down the pub. Yet beneath every great man stands a great pair of boots. From Wellington, to Brando and from Byron to Wyatt Earp sophisticated footwear has graced the pedestals of the legendary. With the right amount of window shopping you can kick off the season following in some illustrious footsteps. Pardon the pun. Actually don’t. It was a good one.

Dune Corona Military Boot

Dune have recreated the most classic of classic boots with this pair of leather, military workboots, coming in black and beige.  The lace up design adds an accent of grit to the elegant and understated bone structure of the Corona boot, while the slim sole does away with any naff patterns. Wear fully laced for formal elegance or casually undone with your Sunday morning jeans. This pair is made to balance the strains of robust labour and the grace of less rigorous, evening soirees.

£99 Available from Dune

ECCO Delmas Biker Boots

The first thing your instructor will tell you before you hop onto a motorcycle will be to wear the right shoes. Many have made a fad out of the biker look, but the fact is every detail in it stems from practicality. Footwear is no exception. ECCO have given us their rendition of the biker boot to rival the proud creations of Matchless, Belstaf and co. The boot is fasted by buckles and a side zip to ensure near perfect fit. The ECCO Comfort Fibre system keeps the interior cool, while the cemented sole supports the foot and ankle. This pair of black leather is engineered for tough urban maneuvers.

£119 Available from Ecco

Ted Baker Torsdi Boots

Ted Baker Torsdi Boots

Boots need not be all about weathering harsh conditions. Ted Baker give the lace up boot a quirky spin, for occasions where a sneaker will not do, but the Chelsea boot might be trying too hard. The Torsdi boot has all the qualities of a formal ankle shoe, with a shallow heel and a prominent quarter panel, but the minimalist contrast lace and accented stitching and sole betray more a penchant for daring than durability. This is one for the party animal prematurely out of hibernation.

£110 Available from Very


Barbour Albacore Boots

If you do not care for urban hellraising in any large capacity and you would rather your seasonal footwear reflected a love of the outdoors, the Barbour Albacore boot is one of the best for your cause on the market right now. The hydrophobic nubuck upper leather repels water and the full grain bellows tongue further keeps out the weather. Waxed rubber panels are guaranteed to retain their shape and remain in one piece, regardless of what you throw at them. This is a pair with brawn. Whoever said Italian shoes were all style and no substance!

£199.95 Available at Outdoor and Country