Neck Deep

Neck Deep – Wishful Thinking

A powerful representation of how pop punk should be. A throwback to the days of Blink with a modern touch.

When I was 13 I listened exclusively to Blink-182, Green Day and Sum 41. Moving on ten years I still regularly listen to those 3 bands amongst an eclectic mix of other artists. Pop punk was the first genre of music I really got my teeth stuck in to and I’m a firm believer that they genre helped shape me into the person that I am today. I used to be your stereotypical “skater” kid who would hang out with a large group of similar looking guys and girls in city centers. Loitering, skating, spending our pocket money on Burger King lunches and energy drinks. We did this for years and we all had our own small time bands that we played in, enjoying the success of average sized local gigs where everyone in attendance knew us. Nothing ever came of these bands but they were so much fun at the time. Last year I noticed that an old friends, new band was starting to cause a bit of a stir not just in the local pop punk scene, but causing a stir worldwide.

Neck Deep were an instant love for me. Rain In July (2012) their debut 7 track EP opens with a powerful 4 tracks with lyrics rivaling that of The Wonder Years. A Part of Me became huge among fans and before I knew it, Neck Deep were off to the USA to play a handful of shows in small venues and packed out house parties in Florida. This is crazy, I thought, but well deserved. Fast forward merely a year from Neck Deep’s inception to August 2013 and they sign to Hopeless Records and go off on tour supporting The Wonder Years in their November headline tour. The end of November? 6 dates in Australia. Preceded by an announcement of their debut full length, ‘Wishful Thinking,’ 2013 had been a hell of a year for Neck Deep.

Wishful Thinking

Wishful Thinking

Today sees that album appear online and on shelves in stores all over the world. I’ve not bought an album in years. I’m an avid user of Spotify but I will be seeking out a physical of Wishful Thinking. The record has been available to stream on the Hopeless Records YouTube channel since the start of the week. It’s a beautiful piece of punchy, melodic, relate-able pop punk. The guys are currently out on their headline UK tour with the majority of dates sold out, this will be followed in March by a headline North American tour. I wish them the best of luck in the future, they will be around for a long time.