Happy New Year – Shlur Update

Happy new year everybody and thanks for keeping up with Shlur over the end of last year. We’ve had a few weeks off over the festive period to of course indulge in food, drink, fun and festivities. NYE involved more than should ever be experienced in a party and 3 days later we have all finally returned to normality.

We return now to 2014 with a fresh outlook, lots of exciting new features, some changes and some big ideas. We are very excited for this year.

The Week in Review will be retiring this year. It had a great run as one of Shlur’s founding features and will now make room for more specific, original content on Fridays.

We fly to one of our favorite cities, Berlin at the end of January to bring you more direct from the fantastic city of which we love to cover. We will be bringing more from around the world including New York and Australia and will endeavor to focus more on our hometown that is, Leeds.

As always we are on the lookout for fresh writers from all over the world. If you love Shlur, have an opinion are slightly off the rails, shoot an email to adam@shlur.com.

We’ll be keeping everyone up to date with things with these little news updates from time to time now instead of the WIR. May it live on in archived form.