The Week In Review – 6th December

Over the past few WIRs, in my opinion, the format had become weak and it was mostly me scraping through my Google+ auto backup photos looking for things to talk about that I’d taken photos of the previous week. As of this week the WIR will take a new format with 4 “features” within it. A super feature if you will. It will still be an outlet for the Editor of Shlur to ramble every week, but it’ll be more structured, more relevant and hopefully more entertaining.


So what has happened in the last week? That’s what we’re all here for. On shlur I talked about Wolf Alice’s new EP, Blush which I’m pretty much in love with at the moment. I’ve actually had to stop listening to it so that I don’t ruin it for myself. I’ve done that way too much in the past with the likes of Chris Rea, Rick Astley and Barry Manilow. Damn their good looks and incredible smash hits. You can listen to Wolf Alice and a variety of other artists that we’ve been listening to last month with volume number 4 of our Sounds of Shlur playlists. This week the eclectic list features a variety of classics and currents from Talking Heads to Death Grips. I’d advise listening to this edition hungover.
Yesterday we put out Danielle’s second piece for Shlur. She’s a very talented writer and had been to the launch party of Martin Usborne’s new publishing company, Hoxton Mini Press. The first book out on the publisher is the first of a photographic series, this one called, I’ve lived in East London for 86 and a half years. I love stuff like that.

Shlur Predicts

A new feature within a feature, Shlur predicts is a mini section where we recite our predictions for the future. We should probably always be right. The predictions are researched, in a way, and relevant to popular culture, maybe.
The first prediction? Straight Cut Jeans For Men. I remember when I was a 14 year old kid. All I wore was straight cut, baggy jeans. Never to be seen without my skateboard I swore to my friends that I would never be seen wearing the skinny jeans of the Emo kids and trendies of the time. Fast forward 8 years and I own 6 pairs of skinny jeans and no straight cuts. Now when I say straight cut jeans I mean them worn in the traditional sense, not super baggy skateboard style, more Seinfeld style. Straight cut jeans for women are already doing the rounds and in my opinion, I like them. When done right they work on a girl. When I saw Big Deal last month their bassist was doing straight cut jeans for men absolutely spot on. He’s in a band which means Straight Cut Jeans For Men (SCJFM) is almost definitely going to be a thing. I’m not saying here that suddenly construction workers and middle ages dads are going to instantly become trendy, straight cut jeans still require effort to be done right. They don’t work on their own, they can’t be baggy and they certainly cannot be paired with any old upper body garment in your wardrobe. Look out 2014, the SCJRM are coming.

On the left, straight cut jeans done wrong. On the right, straight cut jeans done correct.

On the left, straight cut jeans done wrong. On the right, straight cut jeans done correct.

Analyse The News

This is where we get all current affairs and political and take a subjective look at the news. This is a particularly hard part to write as I’m very good at staying out of the loop with regards to popular culture and current affairs. On the BBC News homepage this morning there was 16 articles about Nelson Mandela.
I read that Miley Cyrus was killed by Disney and buried in the desert years ago and that the Miley we see nowadays is merely a clone. I’m pretty sure that’s for real. I think something similar happened with Nicki Minaj but that it was Cartoon Network that time.

Some guys in Mexico stole a truck containing some highly hazardous radioactive pharmaceutical apparatus in the back. They didn’t know what it was that they were stealing at the time though, they thought they’d just got away with a sweet truck. The guys haven’t been found yet but the radioactive component was found dumped not far from the truck itself. Proper officials are saying they expect the thieves to be dead asap due to exposure but I reckon they are full on going for it. I reckon they will be fine.


This week on Shlur we have a very special Christmas post all the way from Bethlehem taking a look at how Christmas is celebrated at the birthplace of the main man himself.