The Week In Review – 13th December

The penultimate WIR before Christmas and it falls on one of those spooky, Friday the 13th’s. Oooooh. Today I find myself in Friends of Ham after my annual, get all my Christmas shopping done in one day, day. Friends of Ham has changed a bit since I last came here, I thought I’d sit downstairs and relax writing this piece with a beer but downstairs is a bit more restaurant-y now and when asked how many people were in my party (just the one please) I’ve been seated amongst a crowd all having sit down food whilst I perch on the end of a long table with my laptop, pint and about 7 bags of shopping. I have 43 minutes of battery remaining then I’m outta here. Probably for more beer.


You can’t get a more authentic Christmas experience than visiting Bethlehem at Christmas time can you? Probably not. Laura was there last week for their annual Christmas light turn on ceremony and was pleasantly surprised with how festive the place comes over Christmas. Yes, Bethlehem is where it all started isn’t it, but it’s not the sort of place that we link our “traditional” Western style Christmas celebrations to. Check out her piece here.


Merry Christmas

Following on with the Christmas theme, Fran has been out and about shopping in Leeds and digging out the best places to go for clothes if you are wanting to avoid the online juggernauts such as Amazon and Asos. She’s picked out three independent stores (Pop Boutique being a favourite of mine) to get your clothing fix this Christmas in, “Have a Very Indie Christmas“.

Finally our other Laura has been to see Filthy Boy in Kings Cross and had some kind words to say about them in Pure Filth.

Shlur Predicts

One of Frankfurt’s many Christmas markets

This week, we predict that German style Christmas markets in the UK are on their way out. I’ll admit, I was a huge fan of my local German market a few years back, I’d spend at least one night a week there with friends drinking litre upon litre of beer but this year, despite the market being into its second month of operation, I’m still yet to visit. The novelty has worn off, the fact that the beers are no longer served in glass steins is a put off for a start but also the realistation that it’s been the exact same market with no change for 4 years. The same stalls, the same people, the same food and the same music. There’s no effort being put in to push them forward and markets across the country and merely becoming a poor imitation of something that so wonderful and beautiful in its native Germany.


Wellingborough’s attempt at a German market. Picture via britishtwat on Reddit.

Well small towns like Wellingborough are putting this load of crap up and calling it a German market I think it’s clear to say that time is time. the markets were good, they were novelty and they worked for a year or two, with no innovation though lets leave the German style markets to the Germans, lets get some good old British ones up next year, full of cheese, local craft ales, mince pies and shit music.

Analyse The News

Picture the scenario. You are out shopping in China, in a huge mall, you’ve been shopping for 5 hours already but your girlfriend insists on more shops, more shoes, more clothes. MORE BAGS. You already have so many bags you can hardly walk but she insists on more. You can’t take it anymore. Enough is enough. You argue and you argue but she’s stubborn. She needs to shop more. You are on the seventh floor of the mall. What are your options? There’s only one. You throw your bags on the floor, and yourself over the balcony barriers, plunging through Christmas decorations, slamming to your death on the floor below. A word of warning ladies and gentlemen, let us learn from this story.