The Week In Review – November 22nd

Apologies for missing last weeks Week In Review, that was due to it being mega busy fun time at Shlur HQ. Luckily we kept photo evidence of the week:


Over the past few weeks we have put out some brilliant articles. Driving Through Fear was an eye opening first hand account of what it’s like to travel around the middle east in a moving vehicle. Not only focusing on what the drivers are like but the checkpoints and oddities you’ll see on the way. I wrote my scientific social study, Clubbing On Caffeine which helped me to realise the stigmas and pressures associated with clubbing on alcohol and drugs and how you can have just as much fun completely sober. It also made me realise how zombie like 95% of clubbers look.

We also published a list of the top spots in Berlin to go for second hand and vintage clothes. I advise that you get there asap before all the straight cut jeans go. They will be everywhere, both men and women by early 2014.

We went to see Big Deal at the popular Belgrave Music Hall in Leeds and although a quiet affair in terms of audience, Big Deal themselves were beautiful in sound. You can see the video to their single, Dream Machines on our homepage throughout November as part of our featured videos.

Over the next few weeks we have more interviews with aspiring artists, stuff from New York City, articles on the Acid House scene of the late 80s/early 90s and I’m going to try and track down some people who bank with Coutts and spend a few days with them. That will be interesting.

IMG_20131104_231253To finish off this week I want to talk about a poster I saw in the gents urinals of a pub in Leeds a week or so ago. This poster really got me thinking for a few different reasons. Positioned directly in front of the urinals with the title “To watch Leeds do this all over Deportivo,” it’s interesting how OnDigital were so confident in the win and their brand new digital TV service that they essentially put up posters saying “watch Leeds piss all over Deportivo on our network.” Ironically, Leeds lost 2-0 and OnDigital was re-branded after 3 years and shut down completely after 4. A more interesting thought though is how has a 12 year old poster advertising a service that no longer exists lasted so long without being changed? To check out this relic, go for a piss in The Packhorse, Leeds.