The Week In Review – 7th November

IMG_20131103_161047I successfully managed to spend about 80% of this week drunk. I’m pretty sure I could be a functioning alcoholic but I’m not going to go down that route as I’ve still got a lot to accomplish before I retire at 26. It’s not easy running an online magazine but when you have weeks as fun as this with absolute quality articles going out every day it makes you realise that the effort is all worth it. Thanks to all our readers and writers for pushing us this far as we enter just our 4th month. We’re only a very small website and we make little to no money, every person who visits the site, likes us on Facebook or gives us a shout out means everything.



So just after last weeks, Week In review we put out volume number 3 of our Sounds of Shlur Spotify Playlists. These playlists are meant to help give Shlur its own identity and help our readers to understand the lifestyles that we live. Splashh are on it again as they were there at Shlur’s inception. There’s a good chance I was listening to them as I came up with the name and bought the domain. Death Cab are just absolutely fantastic and Megadeath are on there due to a metal phase at Shlur HQ.

We took another trip to Palestine to talk about local artists and the ongoing subject of oppression accompanied with some stunning photography. I would have loved to have kept the following image as a featured background for longer.


After Arty’s first fantastic piece about Berlin’s magnetic mainstream, which I am all too much a victim of, he explored some of Berlin’s notoriously hard to get into clubs to try and find a formula that would allow for successfully entry to all of these elusive clubs. He kind of found one.


The highlight for me this week though has got to be Gareth’s stunning, Brutalist Architecture of Berlin piece. When we started this magazine one of the main features we wanted to explore was that of brutalist architecture around the world. Naturally we started with Leeds which resulted in a beautiful piece which attracted some fantastic feedback. When we went to Berlin to do the follow up piece we just so happened to party a bit too hard and get carried away in the buckets of things to do that we never got round to actually taking the pictures. Enter Gareth. A lifesaver on one hand, a fantastic writer and photographer on the other. What a piece. I’m very glad we got the chance to work with him and look forward to more.


We have managed to find ourselves writing out of our base city just the once this week as Fran’s piece about the Dress Me Beautiful Fashion show in Leeds was put out featuring some brilliant local designers and fantastic ranges. There’s a lot more to come from Leeds over the next few weeks to even out the streams of German pieces (don’t worry they are not going anywhere) and maybe even some stuff from one of the biggest, coolest places in the world. I’m not giving away any hints. NYC

Finally we rounded the week with a nice little preview piece an event in Berlin that may be able to resurrect even my sweet tooth. The promotional images look great. James will be going to check out Berliner Naschmarkt in early December.

Next week there will be monkey fashion zoos, statues that fly, the Internet 2, a new way of counting to 10 and much more.