Sounds of Shlur #3 Oct. ’13

sounds of shlur 3 banner

It’s been another good month for music here at Shlur. Octernal gave us plenty to listen to, and some of our favourite bands of that day are here (those on Spotify anyway), so expect sumptuous shoegaze from Fever Dream and Poltergeist and rackety indie rock from Bleached and Veronica Falls. We also enjoyed Carnabells EP Launch and a show from Splassh in what turned out to be a cracking month for gigs, so leaving them off here would be criminal.

The magical Agnes Obel, as brought to our attention by one of our brilliant Berlin writers, is a centre piece of this playlist, a calm before the storm of a one-two hit of electronic wonder from alt rap heroes cLOUDDEAD and one of our favourite emerging artists Tehbis, whose Luckdaw EP is reviewed here.

We found ourselves listening to Megadeth full blast at 9am yesterday. What inspired this remains a mystery but it would be wrong to not include their classic metal awesomeness here after that. We’ve also got tracks from the new releases by Arcade Fire and Los Campesinos! who were much played here at Shlur HQ this week.

No review of the music that has flavoured our month would be complete without acknowledging the sadness many of us felt over the last few days with the passing of the legendary Lou Reed. ‘Perfect Day’ seems a fitting song to include as tribute to his memory, the old curmudgeon at his contemplative best. RIP.