Punch Drunk, Dumb Struck, Pot Luck Happy Happy. Wolf Alice – Blush

I was first introduced to Wolf Alice at Beacons Festival this past summer on the main stage. I was an instant fan. Their mesmerising vocals with spacey psychedelic guitar tones, juicy bass and front-woman Ellie encaptured everything I was enjoying about music at that time of the year. After returning home from a weekend of fun at the festival I was slightly disappointed to find only a few releases by the group, with the single, Bros being my go to amongst a few other works on SoundCloud. I eagerly awaited their upcoming EP, Blush for months. Released on Chess Club Records on the 7th of November I believe it to be one of the finest releases of the year.


Wolf Alice – Blush

The title track, Blush begins in such a beautiful manor I quite often stop what I’m doing when it comes on and simply avert all my attention to the music. It continues to impress throughout with pulsing wavy guitars and the genius lyrics, Punch Drunk, Dumb Struck, Pot Luck Happy Happy. She speeds things up a bit with the true power of Ellie’s voice demonstrated in the chorus. I try to sing along in the shower but I can get no where near. I’ll stick to singing Stacy’s Mom. NoseDive is just fantastic. The guitar work on this EP is incredible at it’s worst and continues to mold to an atmospheric rocky pop sound on this track. 90 Mile Beach brings the whole thing to a close with a relaxing start climbing into a tornado of sound to top off Blush. Only one question remains, who is it on that EP cover?

I’m not the most musically qued up writer on this website but when I say I predict big things for Wolf Alice, I really mean it and I’m starting to think that I might actually be right. They are pretty much done with touring in the UK this year but they will be bringing it to an end at KOKO in London with a special NYE Party on the 31st of December.