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Dress Me Beautiful Fashion Show

Following my last post, by pure coincidence and quite possibly down to the fact I am on a one woman mission to seek out all things fashion related in Leeds I find myself off to another Fashion Show. *sighs* Even as a fashion blogger this is not really an accurate reflection of my spare time I must say. However it does seem that Leeds has lots happening this Autumn/Winter, so long may it last.

Returning for the 8th year the “Dress Me Beautiful” Fashion Show is a platform to help market designers and models alike and as an audience member there is every chance you may just discover new ranges you never knew existed, many of which can be found and bought online.

All proceeds go to charity and this year’s charity was Bethany’s Smile. The charity supports the care of children with chronic and life-limiting illnesses or with a short life expectancy, a truly worthy cause.

A glamorous affair, with more indoor sunglasses than you could shake a diamond encrusted stick at, the show was hosted in Leeds town hall. As a standalone venue the town hall presents a truly impressive backdrop. Coupled with a professional set up, DJ, society, and lots of press the scene was well and truly set for what was a veritable visual feast and a myriad of design talent.

All of the designers were amazing I only wish I could mention them all, yet the show went on ‘til gone 10pm so here’s my pick of the best moments.

Scala Kids

Opening the show with some fantastic entertainment was Scala Kids dance group.

Masato Jones

Masato (2)

Masato is London based but Japanese born and specialises in bespoke fashion. The collection launched his Spring/Summer 2014 range. Lots of bold floral prints and maxi dresses here, but I rather liked the red “Bunni” sweater. This quirky casual piece reminded me of Kenzo’s famous sell out green tiger sweater.

Two Jags

Two Jags (3)

 It was anarchy on the runway with this menswear collection . This one was really unique, but completely wearable for anyone who likes their clothing with a healthy dose of eccentric attitude.  It was very neo punk, complete with Doc Martins and a youth with vibrant blue hair. Think “This Is England” meets comic book cartoon. Excellent.

Embellished by Mimi

 Embellished by Mimi (2)

Bejewelled by MiMi was a collection of luxury Indian inspired bikinis worn by super toned models who sashayed in style down the runway with a bikini confidence most people can only dream of. *Swiftly regrets the Mcdonalds double cheeseburger I had earlier..*

Belles Bejewelled

Belles Bejewelled

The more unusual and quirky of the collections – this outfit was very inventive!

Charlotte Lucy             

Charlotte Lucy

A sharp collection reflecting the current boy meets girl trend that will no doubt remain popular from winter right through to next summer.

Savannah Morrish

Savannah Morrish(3)

Apparently inspired by birds of paradise this collection was a tribal, tiedye colour palette explosion!  Not the sort of thing you could wear to do a Tescos big shop , granted, but utterly awesome creations and one my favourite collections down the runway.

Gwein Reid

 Gwein Reid

Stated as being affordable luxury; this dress was simply stunning.


Wearable, glamorous and winner of the 2013 Designer of the Year award which was presented at the end of the evening. The prize was to be featured on show sponsor Accent Clothing’s site.


 Among the flashing lenses, air kisses, sequins and pouts there was a overwhelming sense of good old northern hospitality and warmth. Friends and families of those involved whooped and cheered from the balconies and compare Kem Anyanwu was an entertaining host, cracking some brilliant one liners. Well this was the Leeds Fashion Show after all!