Berliner Naschmarkt Preview


I’m a food guy.  Whether it’s trying new food, fleshing out some of my own recipes, or late night munchies, I take eating seriously.  That means attending festivals strictly for food and finding out more details about upcoming markets.

One of the upcoming festivals I’m most looking forward to is the Berliner Naschmarkt.  This market is a haven for people who love sweets.  Tarts, brownies, pies, scones, cakes, cookies, jams, honeys, and much more can be found at this meeting all made up by people adhering to Slow Food ideas.

What’s Slow Food?  Slow Food is a central philosophy of the Slow Movement, which mostly encourages slowing the pace of life down and taking time to enjoy the intricacies.  What began as a protest against McDonald’s by Carlo Petrini, has evolved into a much bigger meaning.  Slow Food is promoted as a better choice to fast food.  They use ingredients produced in the region.  The farms adhere to the plants, seeds, and livestock of their ecosystem.  This all promotes traditional and regional cuisine rather than huge chain restaurants.

Created in 2011 by Pamela Dorsch and Udo Tremmel, Berliner Naschmarkt (coming from the German word naschen meaning “to nibble”) partnered with Slow Food Berlin to bring some of the best sweets with highest quality to the city.  They ensure every item available is up to par.  You won’t find anything that has been genetically modified or has been made with synthetic ingredients, additives, preservatives, or any chemicals.  These are all hand crafted items by the vendors from local shops or cafes.

I’m excited.  How about you?

More information can be found at their website here: