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Welcome to Bite Club Berlin

I jumped the Atlantic Ocean almost a month ago. I find myself in Berlin.  I’m hungry.  I crave both dependable and intriguing options for my stomach.  Along the River Spree, we find a plot blocked off by massive stacked sea containers.  The plot has a rather odd assortment of tents set up and a boat docked by the water.  As we make our way inward we begin to smell the food.  The scents mix together and it becomes hard to discern what is coming from where.  They have classic German cuisine, Irish meat pies, Iranian Love Bombs, Korean pancakes, Arapes from South America, Tacos from Central America, and this is only to name a few items.

Bite Club Berlin

Welcome to Bite Club Berlin.  This hub of local trading started this past August and takes up every other Friday.  They offer three bars with beer, wine, and liquor among all the food stands.  The famous party boat Hoppetosse is docked on the river with many tables and an additional bar.  Live music lends an even greater thrill to the atmosphere.  While I’ve never been a fan of “clubs” in their traditional sense, Bite Club has certainly got my attention.
I grab a beer and make a beeline for the meat pies.  I need a familiar and steadying item to ensure my stomach’s need for dinner. I chat with the Irishman as he scoops out a lovely Steak and Guinness meat pie and adds potatoes and peas to my plate. Damn. I demolish it within minutes.  After chatting with some new friends, we make a loop around the place.  It’s only 7:30 and the lines aren’t overly long except for one so we check menu’s and prices.  Korean pancakes win the next bid.
The older woman making them takes quite some time as she slices each individual pancake into strips.  The different colors left from spicing is initially offsetting, but the scent wins us over.  The boat has plenty of seating on top so we find a table.  As the time passes, the temperature drops and the wind off the river can be keenly felt.  We see them lighting some barrels of wood to stave off the bitter chills back on shore.
We aren’t sure if it’s the barrels or how many more people have come into the plot by the river that is giving us respite.  Either way, we can hear languages from all over the world as people drink, eat, and make merry on what is sure to be a grand Friday evening out.  There’s few better ways to begin a night then with some awesome and budget friendly street food and a couple of drinks.
Bite Club Berlin
Bite Club Berlin has unfortunately closed up for this year, but they’ll be back next year with a whole other host of trucks to grace us with delightful treats.
More information can be found on their website at:
Words and Photos: James Driscoll