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The Week In Review – 4th October

I managed to miss last weeks, week in review. A combination of not remembering what happened in the week and a head that felt like a slushee machine resulted in a draft with pictures of red pandas and words that made no sense. So I scrapped it.

I saw Four Tet at Canal Mills on Friday. He played a fantastic set, it’s a shame it was preceded by some ok DJs one of whom I was informed played a few Rhianna remixes. Lovely. I also went to the opening night of Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds’ latest new venue to pop up serving, yes you guessed it, craft beer and street food. There’s a reason craft beer and street food are everywhere at the moment though and that’s because they are good. The venue is huge and consists of a huge ground floor bar with the two canteen style kitchens, a slightly less huge upstairs event room with a nice bar and then a similarly huge roof terrace which was my favorite feature of the place. You don’t get roof terraces much in Leeds do you? This one was great, it had astroturf everywhere and little sheds to shelter in as well as deck chairs and other quirky seating solutions. It was raining and it was still fun. Let’s get some more roof terraces eh. I would do one at my house but my roof is incompatible.

bust roof

I had recently ordered some freshly roasted coffee off the internet which I was very excited about drinking. But what do you need to make coffee edible? A grinder! Which I didn’t have. So I went to Amazon and ordered a bad ass red coffee grinder and opted for the Amazon Locker delivery service. This is the future. Right here. This is it. I’m never at home and it’s a flat out guarantee that I will miss deliveries even if I can opt for a specific delivery time. The Amazon Locker is the solution to pretty much all of my life’s problems. Once your parcel has been delivered to the conveniently located Amazon Lockers (mine was in a shit shopping mall down the street) you get an email with a numerical code and a barcode within it. You cycle to the locker, lock your bike up, refuse to give money to the obviously not homeless person outside asking for change, go upstairs and locate the locker. You present the barcode to the lockers scanner, and BAM, one of the doors magically opens and there is your coffee grinder. Love it. Then all you do is put your parcel in your bag and go home. Respect to Amazon.


On Shlur this past few weeks, we’ve had a coffee grinder inspired article about what I have coined the, “Craft Coffee Boom” featuring an awesome roaster/cafe from Berlin. Sam has been busy drinking beer, listening to music and talking to people, all of which are good reads. Fran went to the Leeds Fashion Week which looked like a smasher of a day and I have been busy making sure that over the next week some brilliant things are going to happen. More international posts to come, more reviews and the best original quality content I can come up with. I’m gonna struggle to beat the Amazon Locker story though. Sorry.