The Week In Review – 25th October

This is how my week kicked off.

It was a half pleasure half work trip to yet another techno fest in Manchester full of drugged up teenagers, Gaiser (finally!) and myself completely sober conducting a social experiment called “Clubbing on Caffeine.” It takes a look at the social stigmas and pressures surrounding the clubbing scene and its close relationship with drugs. As a small insight into my findings, I had an absolutely banging night.

With the week substantially kicked off as usual we found ourselves at No/Gloss Film Festival on about 4 hours sleep and yet more caffeine. That didn’t matter though, the quality of programming at the event was brilliant and almost all the films managed to keep my record breaking attention span throughout. Lad: A Yorkshire Story was absolutely stunning and moving. One of the best pictures I have seen, I urge you to find a showing of it.

Whilst I had been fist pumping my way through the night some of the other Shlur mad heads had been over to Octernal Festival at Brudenell/Left Bank and assured my it was a super wonderful day. One of the most interesting acts seemed to be Waheela. Here’s 13 minutes of their music accompanied by a head that flashes different colours now and then. It’s very odd.

BerlinBy now, 216 words in to the review you are probably wondering what happened in Berlin this week aren’t you? We welcomed three, yes three new writers from Berlin this week, the wonderful Amy started her series of interviews with expats tackling the issue of giving something back to the city instead of arriving and taking, taking, taking. Her first interview with Benjamin Spalding proves that there are expats out there actively aiming to contribute back to the city. More on that in a few weeks. Arty posted his first piece of which is one of my favourites on the site at the moment. Berlin’s Magnetic Mainstream takes an objective look at the hipster start up macbook crowd abundant in Berlin. The more I read the more I realise how much I can relate to the hipster startup macbook crowd as does Arty the more he writes. Except I use a ThinkPad. Without us though, where would the innovation come from? We need these cafes, expensive computers and shit clothes to make the next big thing that will be relevant for two months. Soho House has always come across to me as a fascinating gem amongst Berlin’s alternative nightlife choices. I’ve not had chance to visit yet, I’m not even sure I would attempt to, I get nervous enough going to the techno clubs in Berlin, I wouldn’t even know where to start with a private members club where you can step right out of your bed into a bath or mingle on a roof terrace avec pool with panaramoic views of everything. After reading Divya’s article on the place though, I no longer feel the need to go, written in the form of a letter to mother, the piece is truly beautiful and takes you through the experience of visiting Soho House in such a vivid way you feel like you were there all along.

As for the coming week then we will have the feature Clubbing on Caffeine where I will try my best to sound like I know what I am on about, some music here and there and a top 5 cafe list amongst the rest. For now It’s time to go to and buy some lunch, have another coffee and spend the afternoon with my laptop, my battered trainers and join the magnetic mainstream.


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