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The Week In Review – 18th October

This week at Shlur has been so up and down crazy that other websites should be reviewing it as well. I am now going to do something I have not done in a Week In Review before, I am going to show you a graph that represents the amount of fun I was having on each day of the week.



As you can see from the graph. We start the week on Friday with a fun level of 1million funs. That’s the maximum fun level that you can get. I was at Warehouse Project in Manchester watching Panthu du Prince (awesome), LFO (completely mental with a backdrop of visuals I can only describe as computer sick), Modeselektor (Berlin Techno gods with families), Dettmann and Klock (buuhhrrrrrhhhhhddddbbbruuughhhhd factories/machines/noises, brilliant) and then Modeselektor again because why not, they’re pretty good. After that brilliant night you can probably guess why the fun scale drops to a shatteringly depressing -1million on Saturday. That was not a fun day, severe lack of sleep and techno resulted in a dull day spent mostly in bed then trying to stand up for the rest of the evening and failing. Sunday, we’re back on track. Back to my normal level of fun, 0.5million funs. This is my average, standard rate of funs which means I’m having a good time and all is ok. Which leads us on to Monday. “Another -1million funs” I hear you shriek in disbelief. “This guy had two -1million funs in a week?!” Yes I did. You see during the early hours of Monday morning I lay in bed slowly developing tonsillitis. The doctors were baffled, I was in pain. Restricted straight back to bed after receiving enough penicillin to kill an elephant, at -1million funs I retreated in to some strange delusional state I have never experienced before. Everytime I shut my eyes I felt like I was in a surreal duvet land distopian dreamworld. In this world everyone was trying to deliver duvets to each other but the success rate of the deliveries depended on how I positioned my body in bed. See, I was still awake whilst in this duvet land and thus found it extremely hard to fall asleep whilst balancing the act of positioning my body for the duvet deliveries to pass through. Sounds mad, it was. It went on for two days whilst I fought the tonsillitis, constant shuffling around in duvet land whenever I shut my eyes, an episode of Seinfeld here and there and some rating of girls on Tinder. Hello ladies. It’s amazing what illnesses can do to your mental health. I’m sure my example is one of the more extreme. They always are.

Come Wednesday I was out of surreal duvet land distopian dreamworld and managed to leave my bed for more Seinfeld action, hence the significant increase on the happy scale. Then Thursday we were back in the plus with a solid 0.5million funs. Back to normal. Thank god.

In terms of Shlur we’ve had as good a week as ever. Making extra work for ourselves for ignoring emails for 3 days while in the dreamworld is a given, we’ve taken a look at Octernal which is happening tomorrow down at the Brudenell in Leeds. That’s set to be a great day as was, by the sounds of it, The Carnabells Ep Launch down at 360 last week. The rest of the week we spent in our favourite European city, Berlin, with Deb and Finn talking about their experience of finding a flat in the capital. A fascinating piece that hopefully injects some confidence into those of us who are thinking about doing the same thing. They will be posting more over the coming months as they both explore the areas of looking for work and settling down in the big city. And finally Graham took an absolutely fascinating look at the Roma communities in Berlin and a guy called Marx who has set about housing them all in his massive “ark”. It’s a fascinating read and one of my favourites that we have published so far.

So what comes next week? We’re off to Octernal and No/Gloss Film Festival this weekend so plenty on them, we have more from the Middle East on its way, there’s articles on hipsters in Berlin, controversial sex art, interviews and more. We can’t keep up, we keep progressing.