Carnabells EP Launch Feat Image

Carnabells EP Launch at 360 Club


The 360 Club is known for welcoming a variety of bands from all over Yorkshire. Tonight (October 4th) we see Carnabells, a band from ‘an old mining village in the heart of Yorkshire’, celebrate the release of their second EP ‘The Ramshackle Rattle’, which can be found either online or in Jumbo Records (for anyone who wants a physical copy)

The Firing Line were the first band of the night to take the stage, bringing plenty of solid rock riffage.  They looked delicate on stage, as if the audience had to look after them in case they should break. Clearly this is a result of nerves. Sadly this stood out most in the lead vocalist, who’s pacing and staring at the floor made the set move along awkwardly. The songs were certainly good, but the uncomfortable stage presence meant that they didn’t come across well. It’s a pity as their old school rock sound is the kind that could get people up and dancing.

The Spares made up for this by dominating the stage. Their fans move to the front and the bassist’s family look on proud, and with good reason. These guys were entertaining to watch, but the vocals weren’t that strong. They seemed off key in some places, in others they just didn’t cut through the other instrumentation well enough. Yet with some interesting slap bass here and a folk song there (you know, to mix it up a little), they earned every round of applause.

I’ve seen indie rockers Jack’s Attic before, they’re the kind of band you don’t forget. Lead vocalist Joe Matthewman takes every opportunity to explode off the stage and the band generally creates a good vibe with their vibrant indie rock sound. Their energy on stage remained high throughout the set and we were treated to a new song, which was a great addition to their set filled with future anthems. The crowd was sparse, but these lads put in as much effort playing to twelve people or a hundred, and that always deserves respect.

Just having stepped through their time portal from the 50s, Carnabells took to the stage. Five members strong, they’re ready to put on a show. Initially dazed, with probably over half the crowd (me included) too young to remember rock n roll, after the first few songs people started getting into it. Dancing, smiling, everyone generally having a great time. Once the crowd was fully on board the set really soared, with free EPs raining down on the crowd. Finishing with ‘Magazine Dream’ was a stroke of genius; one day the masses will be singing along to that chorus. A massive track to end an amazing set.

Words: Gerard Leachman