Berlin’s Top 5 Cafés

Berlin has a lot of café guides. And yes, this is just another one. The difference this time is that these are my top 5, from the experience of a Brazilian who really enjoys not only a good cup of coffee, but the experience behind it. It is not just about the coffee, it’s about the place, about the smell, about the people around and the experience of a good afternoon.

So here it goes, a few places to go and check out around Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain for a good time and good cup of coffee.



Who hasn’t had one of those lazy Sundays after a hard party weekend, when all you want is your mama’s home made food?
Well, you won’t find your mama’s pie at Bruch, but definitely a very good taste of southern Italian cucina, made by a native Sicilian cook.
This small Neukölln café is located next to several others at Pannierstraße, but what makes this tiny piece of Sicily that bit special? Their comfy and cozy atmosphere, that certainly stands out from other very busy venues around, often full and noisy.
For those who want a classic German Frühstück, the place offers a generous combo, with fresh pressed orange juice and coffee. And, for those who are looking for that homemade flavour, go for the Arancino (the house speciality), fried risotto balls filled with meat (there is also the veggie option).
Want give it a try?
Pannierstraße, 57.

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West Berlin Cheesecake

Coffee lovers and avid book readers will find their place here. Two different kinds of coffee –Drop Coffee (Swedish sustainable coffee Roastery) and Five Elephant (Berlin original roastery and bakery)– and a very inviting media shop, with artsy magazines and independent titles such as Monocle or Apartamento.
Another reason to come over? The delicious New York Cheesecake, also made by Berlin based coffee brand Five Elephant.
Right now, autumn says hello to us, but for those rare (at least here in Germany!) sweaty afternoons of summer, Westberlin has also a refreshing backyard. Iced coffee anyone?
Don’t be mistaken by its locale. Although it is next to Check Point Charlie, a very touristy place, the coffee shop is usually packed with locals.
Friedrichstrasse 215.

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Chapter One

chapter one

Missing the taste of a homemade coffee? Then you must go to Chapter One. Small, clean of furniture but with a very good lighting ambience, this small Kreuzberg cafe house is specialized in Brühkaffee, or filtered coffee.
Of course, espressos are also on the menu, one different kind every day in fact, guaranteed by Björn, owner.
For those who want to repeat the experience at home, good thing is most of the coffees served in house are on sale.
But be prepared to get your coffee to go, because the space is not that big and tends to get crowded in the afternoons.
Mittenwalder Straße 30

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Café Cortado

cafe cortado

Café Cortado is an espresso with a very little amount of milk that makes the coffee actually seem cut.
So, you can imagine the strongest point of this charming little café in Friedrichshain.
The place is perfect for morning people, who like, before going to work, to grab a good bite and wake up coffee, after all the place opens quite early, very unusual for Berlin.
Feeling a bit hungry? The lovely waitress said the cheesecake is the most popular treat in the place, but better get there early before it’s all over.
For those Saturday strolls in the neighborhood, it’s a very good option too.
Simon-Dach Straße 9

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cafe 29

This very small café just opened its doors last month, in one of the busiest streets of Kreuzberg, Schlesiches Straße. Kind of a branch from roastery Tres Cabezas in Friedrichshain, what makes this place different from the original roastery is the Australian way to make coffee.
What would that be? Carefully weighed grains and slowly made expressos.
So, forget about the fast food and ready to go thing, this is the slow coffee experience.
Strong, carefully made, very good taste.
And, for those who want to try to be their own Barista, the place also has a shop with coffee makers and some other houseware that might be useful for your coffee making.
Schlesiches Straße 38

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Words and photos by Sarah Luisa.