September 6 Featured

The Week In Review – September 6th

Can you believe it? Shlur enters it’s second month of publication. That month is September and I can’t thank all of our readers enough for supporting us, “liking” us, tweeting us and most importantly reading us. We’re only just getting started.

Today I write from Caffè Nero. It is full on super pissing it down outside and I just watched a suit get full on tidal waved by the number 50 bus to Seacroft. Sucker!!! With the word “Caffè” brandised on every cup, wall, panflet and window the only thing that’s going through my head is the Caffè Latte episode of Seinfeld.

This past week for us working at Shlur has been as mad as any, we’ve got some awesome things happening in the near future, some big partnerships, interviews and giveaways will all be coming your way this month. We kicked off the week with one of my favourite featured videos yet, the beautifully dark Sleep Walk by Hey Beautiful Jerk which was followed up with a new feature by newcomer Fran. Fran’s Reflection on Being a Fashion Intern will be part of a 3 part series on the struggles of trying to make it as an intern where you get no money and have to buy coffee everyday for your higher ups.

Sam our music editor has been a star this week and wrote about a sculpture park with some beautiful pictures. I’ve not been there myself but it looks mint.

Amongst more from the middle east with Laura we have teamed up with the guys from No/Gloss Film Festival to bring you coverage leading up to the event in October and I’m pleased to announce that next week we will be running a giveaway of a full Weekend Ticket to the festival. I urge you to enter as tickets are now running dangerously low.

As the weekend now approaches, most of us here at Shlur will be spending our time at the Leeds International Beer Festival at the town hall. Just like No/Gloss, tickets are running low but if you get the chance to go you’ll be treated to some of the best beers from around the world including brews by Stone Brewing Company, Sierra Nevada, Maui Brewing, BrewDog, Kirkstall Brewery, Magic Rock and absolutely tonnes more. There’s a great selection of street food outside, a huge teepee, an awesome Brooklyn Brewery van thing and a caravan.

The internet in Nero’s is dribbling away to a speed slower than slower so keep reading, keep interacting and have fun. I’m off for a beer.

Bonkers featured photo by african_fi.