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The Week In Review – 20th September

This week I’m sat at home for once. I’m watching people shoot each other right outside of my lounge window. It is absolute chaos, there’s machine guns, people getting run over by SUVs all over the place, rocket launchers and a jumbo jet just flew past, crashing into the ground. Why this isn’t being covered by the media I do not know. Oh hold on. That’s now the window. It’s my housemates huge TV and it’s GTAV. Good game.

So last week you may remember I was on a plane to Berlin. Having been recommended that I would like it by numerous friends who had been, I booked a ticket and me and Sam headed out there for 6 days. With the intention of getting some brilliant articles for Shlur, I was so overwhelmed by what the city had to offer that I got nothing of the sort done. I enjoyed coffee from fantastic little cafes that roast their own beans on site, I drank beers and danced with old German blokes to German euro pop in a huge tent near Hauptbahnhof, I partied in numerous clubs situated in buildings so big and industrial that they looked like old power plants. They actually were old power plants. I eat and eat and eat and eat some more and only just scraped the surface of the brilliant cuisine the city has to offer. I intended to buy some shoes but someone beat me to it. I rode a bike around the city all afternoon and fell in love with a roundabout in Kreuzberg. I came into possession of a huge turnip than ended up the focus point of many drinking games (I don’t like drinking games but the ones with turnips are quite good). I came home and wanted to go straight back. There’s a reason that there’s so much hype about this city at the moment. Yes I’m late to the party and maybe the place is becoming saturated by expats but the simple fact is that Berlin is a super cool city, with a fantastic transport system, amazing culture and some great local residents. I’ll be back.



So as well as Berlin this week also included some music local to Leeds with Sam reviewing Bearfoot Beware’s upcoming EP, Bruises and Business. Sam’s great at writing about music. We headed down South for a look at the Thames Festival with Laura, it’s got pirate ships and all sorts and then the other Laura took a look at the True Home of Falafel and Hummus. That true home is in Palestine.

I’m keeping it short this week. I need a week just to recover and adjust back to Shlur life. Time for pizza and beer.