The Week In Review – 13th September

It’s 7:41am and I’m drinking beer 32,000ft up in the air. That’s right, Shlur goes to Berlin. It’s basically the sequel to Eurotrip, I will call it Berlinotrip.

Due to technical restrictions this will be a brief and visually lacking article but for what I lack in pictures I’ll make up for in words.

The last week has been as good as ever for Shlur and we have once again brought you some quality original content, and features from our friends Vultured and No/Gloss Film Festival. Our featured video this week is absutely mad as is our competition to win tickets to No/Gloss. That involves taking a picture of yourself with a kettle. Aren’t we just crazy here at Shlur?

Sam reviewed an excellent release from Little Brother Eli and we may have spent the evening with Super Luxury drinking beer and talking music for an upcoming “Evening with Super Luxury” style interview.

Over the next week we’ll have more fashion, coverage from the Thames Festival, more music reviews and some really top class journalism.

For now I’m going to get back to my two cans of Budweiser and my pirated episodes of Breaking Bad. Before I know it we’ll be touching down in Berlin for 6 days of techno, squats, architecture, trains and as much real journalism as we can muster up.


I’m prepared. I spent 10 minutes on Duolingo.