Sounds Of Shlur 2

Sounds of Shlur #2 Sept. ’13

play 2Another month of Shlur, another month of music rattling in and out our bust up ear drums. A week’s stopover in Berlin has meant that electronic and techno music has dominated this time around, and here you’ll find some damn fine examples of that, including Dettmann, Liebing and Gaiser.

Not people for confining ourselves to just the one genre, those of you who enjoyed last month’s eclecticness will not be disappointed. You’ll also find new music from Arcade Fire, Cloud Control, Sky Larkin and Little Brother Eli (read the review here), mixed in, of course, with some classics from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Fugazi, closing off with newbie ‘What Goes Boom’ from oldies Pixies.

The attentive among you will notice there’s only 19 songs here this month. Well that’s because one of our favourite songs of the last month isn’t on Spotify. You’ll have to head over here to hear the awesome madness of ‘Kellogg’s Wasps’ by Super Luxury. Be sure you do. It’s brilliant. You’ll be seeing more of Super Luxury on this site in the week to come, keep ’em peeled for it.