No Gloss

No/Gloss Film Festival Preview

 No gloss Film Festival

No/Gloss Film Festival is the new kid on the block when it comes to this sort of thing. And what’s surprising is that they are doing it better than a lot of the festivals that have been in the scene for years. As the name states, No/Gloss isn’t about the clichéd superficiality that we have been expected to adhere to as film enthusiasts. It’s about the art, the people making the films, the people getting out there, being creative by grabbing a camera and making their dreams into a beautiful reality that they can share with others. It’s not about wearing a two grand tuxedo in Cannes where the focus seems to be on anything but the films.

Google Image Search for “Cannes Clothes Festival.” Sorry I mean film.

So where is it? No/Gloss is in the vibrant city of Leeds which is by no means short of creatives and film makers. The festival takes place in the still relatively new, Canal Mills. If you’ve not been to Canal Mills to get a bit off your face and listen to house music before I can tell you now that it is the perfect venue for the festival. Just outside of the city center set on the… canal, this inconspicuous building lies within a small industrial estate, away from the skyscrapers and hustle. The re-purposed mill keeps plenty of it’s original features and is spread out into two large rooms where you’ll be surrounded by brick, industrial beams and that slight hint of modern refurb. I’ve yet to see a film in the space but I imagine it will be perfect.

No/Gloss encourages diversity in the submission process and thus they accept free entries from a huge range film types including, short films, docs, experimental films, student films, films created using non-traditional formats and loads more. The Official Selection of films up for judging includes an international roster with American entries from, Quite A Conundrum and The Kingdom Of Survival and a strong British line up including, Mantis and Lad.

Quite A Conundrum takes on the American horror-thriller genre, with a trailer full of hot, half naked women, a fat guy shooting himself in the head and most importantly suspense. A bunch of awards already back the film, will there be more added a No/Gloss? There’s a strong chance.

Lad is set in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside and utilises breathtaking cinematography to match. A truly emotional story of young, Tom who having to deal with the death of his father, his brothers wish to join the army and the threat of eviction from the family home he grew up in.

To see the full line up of fantastic films at the festival you can read the full programme here. No/Gloss is held on the 19th/20th of October but tickets are running out fast so make sure to get in quick. If you miss out stay tuned as we will be running competitions on the run up to the festival to win full weekend tickets.

More on No/Gloss next week as we feature our favorite films every Wednesday that you can catch at the festival.