Featured Image Week In Review 30

The Week In Review – August 30th

This week’s review is being written on a train from Liverpool to York. I’ll be alighting at Huddersfield. I’ve grown to the idea of introducing each week in review with the location that it is mainly written. Let us review the week.

This one got off to a corker, I started to write a feature on “The People of Fab Cafe” whilst I was there on a night out. I filmed loads of footage and thought it was gonna be mint. Then I watched it all the day after and realised it’d be shit. It’s just a bunch of nerds and weirdos (myself excluded) dancing to poorly mixed, poorly playlisted music. I didn’t expect to go there to be subjected to Rhianna. Fab Cafe of all places. Playing Rhianna? Come on. Maybe the Manchster one is better.

So with that one down the pan, we really kicked off the week with the fantastic, featured video from Vultured on Sunday. This one really hits home with me. A man following his creative dream, making money from what he loves doing. I can’t recommend you check out his work and the short video enough.

The wonderful Laura had her first piece published on Monday. Laura is our London girl who does the art stuff. It’s a great read with some awesome examples of sculptural art including that LOVE one that I remember from Tony Hawk’s 1? I think it was Tony Hawk’s 1.

On Monday, me and Sam found ourselves at Quidrophenia #7. When we got there it was practically empty and a hungover Adam was not finding the acoustic music stimulating enough to keep him awake. As good as the acoustic was it wasn’t till Super Luxury came on that I realised my £2 donation to get in should have been a lot more. Absolutely mental. Topped only by Pissed Jeans at the Brudenell earlier in the year. We’ll be chatting with the guys from Super Luxury later next month and may also have some sneak previews from another noisey band around the same time…

I went up a big hill on Wednesday with some binoculars and watched aeroplanes. None of them crashed.


Later that day I also presented myself with a big predicament. Now, I’m a huge fan of Nation of Shopkeepers in Leeds and I love to visit their sister bars whenever I’m in the relevant cities. Having visited the Reading version last month, Oakford Social Club, and being slightly unimpressed I was apprehensive about visiting The Shipping Forecast in Liverpool this week. Well now I don’t know which one I like best do I?! The Shipping Forecast was set in a great big old brick-hipster-warehouse laden with worn out sofas that you can’t get out of without groaning, “herrrrrrrrnggggghhhh,”. That basically related to my melting point when it comes to bars. I’ll be back.

Thursday I threw up at least 12 times, watched the UEFA Champions League Draw, talked about Duncan Ferguson a lot and sat opposite a beautiful girl on the train but was too scared to talk to her, not out of confidence but out of the face that I thought if I opened my mouth sick would come out. Missed a chance there.

What does the following week hold for Shlur then? We have more from the Middle East about these people who go mad there and think that they are Jesus. We may have a festival report from Bingley if we can be bothered to go there and also the first of our fashion related pieces will be published. Stay cool.