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The Week In Review – August 9th

It’s Friday, it’s the (unofficial) end of the week for Shlur and after spending 4 hours in a dentist in Hunslet today, let us review.

I’d never been to Hunslet before although I came very close a few days ago, when a few wrong turns on my bike led me to an industrial estate that’s home to Victoria and Hunslet Mills, a big complex that’s been unused since the 1970’s. I’d love to get in and do a feature on here before it either gets knocked down or turned into flats. For now though why not check out our piece on The Brutalist Architecture of Leeds, the first in a 4 piece feature also covering Manchester, London and Berlin.

abandoned warehouse

Hunslet is home to the oldest looking Morrisons I have ever seen. I didn’t venture inside to buy water as intended. There were too many chavs outside spitting on the floor. I felt like Mark from Peep Show when those kid chavs intimidate him outside of his own building. Though these were fully grown chavs. Hands down pants, spit surrounding them chavs. I got the water on the way home at the Tesco in “New Dock”. That’s a nice place.

Hunslet MorrisonsI was in hunslet to get my teeth sorted at an emergency dentist. One of my teeth pretty much fell out whilst eating a takeaway pizza last night. Don’t worry, I have good teeth. The one in question was a bridge tooth that had been going strong for 4 years. Poor little guy. I was sat in the waiting room with a tooth wrapped in toilet paper in one of those cups you used to have in primary school when you were 8. You know come to think of it I probably would have fit right in with the chavs looking like the pirate I was with a tooth in a cup.

Hunslet dentist is a lot nicer than its surroundings. A very sweet old cleaner who I couldn’t understand a word of let me lock my bicycle to a radiator in her cleaning cupboard. There was absolutely no chance I was locking my bike outside. The interior was painted white and aqua and the women who worked there were absolutely lovely. I talked to one receptionist a lot throughout my two and a half hour wait and she has recommended that I go and see the Middleton Steam Railway that’s not too far away from the dentists. That I shall be doing.

Other than the receptionists the only other thing that kept me going through my long wait was the excessive amount of caffeine I had in my system. I couldn’t stop moving. I was twitching and twinging all over, I attempted to do work on my laptop and ended writing a story on Notepad++. It was about a dentist who lost it all, the fancy house in Otley, the dream car that wasn’t much more than a glorified Volksvagen Passat without a roof, the private health care and the two week holiday every two months to Bergerac. All because of a tooth brushing equipment pyramid scheme she got sucked into by a seedy old businessman. I won’t be publising that story on Shlur but If you are interested in writing something similiar yourself, check out our latest coffee posts this week, The Best Coffee Shops in Leeds and Bare Coffee and you’ll be that hyped up on great coffee and caffeine you won’t know what you’re writing.

Now I must mention before we finish this rather off topic week in review that the young adult (he was precisely 28, I found out using space age detective skills) who was sat next to me in the dentists waiting room was wearing a spike baseball cap. One exactly like this:

spike hat

That’s it for week in review this week. There’s not been much to review but we have a lot more coming in the next week.