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The Week In Review – August 23rd

Well what a week it has been. I sit here in my kitchen with a self induced cold caused by relentless partying and madness at the Beacons Festival. That was the focal point of this last week at Shlur. My questionable Festival Round Up featured a first hand account of what it’s like to get drunk, see bands and forget what they were like. In all seriousness though there were some amazing acts at the festival to name a few, Big Deal, Wolf Alice, Thumpers and Splashh and all of us here at Shlur has a fantastic time.

Some behind the scenes work has been going on and without naming names I’m pleased to announce we have a few new writers joining us over the next month. You can expect to see articles about men wearing leggins, what constitutes a fancy dress outfit and what doesn’t and some fascinating arty pieces from the capital. All original, quality content, the way Shlur does it.

With this week we saw Laura Cromwell’s first piece published. Laura is our Middle-East girl who will be bringing us some amazing insights into the culture of Palestine and the West Bank over the next few months. Her first piece showcases some brilliant local talent who are Fighting the Oppression in Palestine though music and arts.

Belgrave Music HallWe also learnt about the Belgrave Music Hall of which will be opening in Leeds this October. Featuring two restaurants occupied by street food retailers, one of which to be the mouth wateringly tasty Dough Boys Pizzeria. I’ve had the privilege of tasting their pizzas which are awesome but I’m hoping as well they will be offering their Dirty Burgers as well. They were another level. With a promising line up of acts already announced including Spector, Pins and Active Child it will be interesting to how this new musical venue fairs in Leeds next to the likes of Brudenell Social Club and The Cockpit.



To finish this week in review I want to vent a little something that I noticed about the city I live in, Leeds. Last night I walked to the city center to go to a rum tasting evening (LA DEE DAHH) and noticed upon the headline of the Yorkshire Evening Post outside a newsagents. Now I’m not the type of guy who keeps up with the news. I don’t watch TV, I don’t read newspapers, my news consumption mainly comes with Reddit and even then my front page is so full of weird ass niche stuff (not porn, interesting subreddits) that I still barely get exposed to the news that the majority of the world does. So this headline outside the newsagents? “Leeds To Benefit From New Modern Road Signalling System”. Wow, I thought, is that the extent of what’s going on in Leeds at the moment? Then returning home late, intoxicated on rum, the sign had changed to reveal the next days headline, “Popular Restaurant Opening City Center Branch.” I’m 99% sure this was referring to a Frankie and Benny’s.  Leeds is such a happening place, yes it may not be the biggest city in the UK, but surely there’s more going on here than road signals and family friendly restaurants. I pity those subjected to these headlines.

At least once a week we get mad ones like this.