The Week In Review – August 16th

It’s Friday and it’s the week in review. Or is it? Due to the majority of Shlur staff being at Beacons Festival this weekend, this post is having to be written on a Wednesday. Blasphemous I know, but to make it interesting, I will predict what will happen for the rest of the week, whilst summing up the first half.

We teamed up with Vultured to bring you a healthy dose of the best videos that the internet has to offer. We’ll be publishing a new video every Sunday with help from Vultured. This week’s was the stunning, MIDTOWN by Drew Geraci. A fantastic composition of time-lapse footage and hustling scenes from downtown New York.

fire skyOn Sunday we successfully managed to set the sky on fire. A combination of BBQ smoke, flamethrowers, ribs and Budweiser were all it took to create this skeptical in the sky. If you like the look of this you may want to check out our Instagram, it’s @shlurmag.We post a lot of buildings on it.



On Monday we found ourselves at the popular Gaslight Club acoustic night, ran by Gary Stewart. Kicked off by the man himself playing tracks from his new album that’s due out for release soon through Pledge Music. You can help him out with the album by contributing here. Pittsburgh born, Mike Medved turned up sans guitar, to play his last date on his short tour whilst visiting the UK. After sourcing an instrument, Mike’s set was powerful, loud and captivating and a great send off the day before he flew back to the States. Tom Pooley played his first ever acoustic performance to a welcoming crowd featuring a mix of covers and originals from his band Rex Manning Day who’s debut EP came out just a few weeks ago. Harry Ridjway closed the night. We missed him. Sorry Harry, we have listened to you since and you are very good.

Gaslight Club

Predictions for the end of the week include, Beacons Festival to be very good, Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa to become the highest grossing film of all time, ever that someone is going to ruin Breaking Bad for me as I’m still about 2 seasons behind.

Finally, if you remember the last Week In Review you will remember that I met a man at a dentists who was wearing a spike hat. Well it just so happened that on Saturday night I saw him riding around the city with on a low rider bike at 330am wearing the spike hat. Brilliant.

spike hat man