Roadhouse Relics

Roadhouse Relics – Featured Video with Vultured

This week we tell the story of Todd Sanders, an inspiration to creatives around the world. As soon as I watched this video I knew it was going to be our featured for this week. I relate to Todd so closely. Todd followed his dream, he took risks to turn his passion into his job. Influenced by the city of Austin he took the plunge, opened Roadhouse Relics and today, provides for his family solely from his art.

His work is beautiful, flawless and captivating. It’s created using traditional techniques, no CAD or computers just rulers, set squares, pens, paint and knifes.

Todd has truly found his passion in life and is making the most out of it. I believe everyone has at least one passion in them, it sometimes takes people longer than others to find it but it’s there.

Visit Todd’s website here, Roadhouse Relics.

As always, thanks to Vultured for being our featured video guys. We wouldn’t find these videos without them.