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Bare Coffee, Park Square

Bare Coffee

It’s been a very coffee focused week at Shlur this week (when isn’t it?) with our Best coffee shops in Leeds article giving a round up of the best places for a hot cup of joe in the city. Well we may well have missed one off that list. As I was cycling around taking photos for an upcoming architectural piece I decided to stop at Park Square for a break. Mainly to sit on the grass and look cool with my bike but I had terrible purple socks and bike shoes on so that didn’t work. As I contemplated leaving I spotted a blue gazebo with a small tuk tuk type van parked next to it. As I headed over, to my great joy it was a portable coffee setup called Bare Coffee.

I got talking to Stuart who was running the show that day as he served me up a fresh americano (no milk, no sugar). Bare Coffee isn’t there all year round but from April onwards they’re setup and serving absolutely brilliant coffee at probably the best prices you’ll find in Leeds. Most drinks are priced at £1.80 or less and they taste as good as it gets. There was some delicious looking flapjack on offer too and best of all, everything is fair trade. I imagine Stuart is busy all day with the high abundance of businessmen and women in the area looking for their fix when the local Starbucks round the corner can’t quite come up with the goods.

I’ll definitely be back here on the next sunny day we have. Also if Stuart finds this article I would like to confirm with him that I actually paid for my coffee. I paid with a £2 coin (well attempted) and when I got back to the office I still had the same one. I am most certainly not rich enough to be carrying around two £2 coins at once. Sorry if that’s the case Stuart. I’ll pay triple next time.

You can get in touch with Bare Coffee via email at getbarecoffee@gmail.com or by giving them a call on 07774 311 680. The best way though is to get down there and try it out for yourself.

Bare Coffee